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Fees for New Driver Lessons in Cranberry Township, PA

At Taught Right, we offer our new driver lessons in Cranberry Township, PA, for extremely competitive prices. Read below for the cost of individual lessons, packages plans, and testing services. 

NOTE:  Lessons must be paid at time of service, or, on-line before the lesson. Package Plans must be paid in full before 1st lesson.


For students who want to pay for their lessons and testing or multiple lessons at one time, we have a package for you. We offer:

2-Hour Lesson - $120

NOTE:  2-hour lessons are the preferred (& ideal) length of time for individual lessons.  Exceptions will be allowed for the following different single lesson time length; however, they will be charged at a slightly higher $/minute rate. They are;

1 ½-Hour Lesson - $100


3-Hour Lesson - $200

David Wallisch & Student  in Driving Classes in Cranberry Township, PA Woman Just Passed Test for Drivers Education in Cranberry Township, PA Woman Just Passed Test for Drivers Education in Cranberry Township, PA


Plan 1 - $345

Includes (3) 2-hour lessons (totaling 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training)

PLAN 2- $385

Includes (4) 1 ½-hour lessons (totaling 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training)

PLAN 3- $510

Includes (3) 2-hour lessons, plus, taking the Driving Test*

PLAN 4- $540

Includes (4) 1 1/2-hour lessons, plus, taking the Driving Test *

*  below explains what’s included with the “Driving Test” 

New License Owner Gives a Thumbs Up Student Driver of All Ages Smiling Young Woman With New Driver's License

Driving Test

This session will include test preparation (practicing the exact test), and the use of our car for the exam. We will pick you up 1¾ hours before your test time to prepare you for your exam by doing practice or mock tests. We greatly suggest that you have at least 1 lesson with us before attempting to take the driving exam.  Prices for test alone are;

1st attempt with our company - $175


2nd attempt or more with our company - $165


NOTE:  All students must have a valid permit to take lessons with us, or to take the exam at a PENNDOT DMV location. Student can also take lessons with a valid International License up to a year of entry into the country. Students wishing to take the driving exam who are under 18 must complete and submit Form DL-180C (Parent/Guardian Certification Form) which verifies that student has driven at least 65 hours behind-the-wheel. If parent or guardian will not be present for student’s exam, this form must be notarized. 

NOTE:  All exam results are final – Pass or Fail. Testing fee is not refundable. Students can have as many as (3) failed attempts at the driving exam before they would need to renew their permit. Of course, permits that have reached their expiration date would also need renewed.  Taught Right is not responsible for any missing or expired documentation.

Online Driver Education (theory) Course

Besides supplementing your knowledge of proper and safe driving, there's an additional reason to take the online theory course—Insurance Discounts.  Plus, it can help you upgrade your Junior License to a Senior, or Regular License.
Note: this benefit only applies to the youngest age bracket (Under 26 years old). Check with your insurance company to determine the extent of the benefit. Students can access the course from their home computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work at their own pace. Our school currently is not yet approved to offer the online theory course. There are several places to access it, including the state DMV website. 

Important Notes

Please take note that our prices are subject to change. Our fees may be higher based on student pickup and drop-off locations, as well as the chosen DMV testing site. Additionally, any cancellations require a 24 hour or more notice; otherwise, a $50 fee will be charged. Any bounced checks will also subject the customer to pay the full amount of service provided (plus fees applied by the bank) before any more services will be rendered.

Contact us today for more information on our driving lessons and pricing.