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Facts & Drivers Education in Cranberry Township, PA

Below are some facts about safe driving to better your driver's education in Cranberry Township, PA.


If teenagers are considered to have the best reflexes, or reaction time, of all the age groups, then why are they involved in the highest percentage of automobile crashes?


INEXPERIENCE! That may be the best one-word answer, but there is a lot more to it.

Because of inexperience, the teenager has not been exposed to the variety of unexpected situations that not only MAY occur but DOES occur – on an all too frequent basis. Things such as; motorist suddenly crossing your lane or driving into your lane unexpectantly, drivers never stopping (rolling stops) at stop sign intersections, drivers turning or changing lanes without the use of turn signals, heavy rain or snowy weather conditions that greatly reduces tire contact on the roads, etc., etc., etc.

In order words, they simply haven’t experienced enough driving situations to ANTICIPATE the plethora of things that COULD happen – (Just because it shouldn’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t happen). Therefore, because the teen doesn’t anticipate, or recognize the potential for something dangerous to develop, they don’t adjust their speed (slow down) and consequently do not have enough time and distance at that speed to avoid an incident from occurring.

Young Driver

Consider these FACTS:

  1. The #1 killer of teens are car crashes
  2. While teens account for only 8.7% of the population, they are involved in 14.7% of all fatal crashes
  3. The fatality rate for teenage drivers, is about 4 times as high as the rate for drivers 25–69
  4. 65% of teen passenger deaths occur when another teenager is driving
  5. When a teenager driver adds one additional teenage passenger, the odds of having a fatal collision will double.  If three or more teenagers are in the car, the odds of having a fatal collision will be 5 times higher.
  6. In the last decade, about 70,000 teens have died in car crashes.


Safe Driving

Living in an area like Pittsburgh, the problem is compounded. Pittsburgh has been recognized by several studies as one of the most difficult and dangerous cities for driving in the country. For this reason, our experienced instructor will show you how to navigate your automobile throughout the city and its surrounding areas safely. We will discuss non-distracted driving (i.e. no texting/phone use, auto drive mode, hands-free communication, etc.), and given must-know traffic and road safety tips.  And you don’t need to be a teenager to benefit from driving lessons!  Whether you are later in life or have difficulty or fear a particular aspect of driving, i.e. traffic, highways, rain, snow, etc., or simply need a refresher, 


Why not learn from professionals who have driven hundreds of thousands of miles in this area, given thousands of driving lessons, and has helped several hundred students obtain their driver’s license?

Additionally, you'll be encouraged to take the "No-Text" Pledge. This is a promise that you will make to yourself and family that you won't text and drive.

Take the "No-Text" Pledge

No-Text Pledge or It Can Wait
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