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Defensive Driving Lessons in Cranberry Township, PA

If you want to learn how to master the art of driving, you've come to the right place. Taught Right offers easy-to-follow driving lessons for teens and adults. By working with our instructor, you'll find out how to operate a vehicle properly. Contact us to reserve defensive driving lessons in Cranberry Township, PA, today!

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Lessons plans/dmv testing

One of the first questions I’m often asked by a new student is “How many lessons will it take for me to pass my test and get my license?”  Although I’m tempted to say, “I give up, how many?”, I usually respond, “It depends!  How much driving experience do you have (not counting mopeds)?”  Then I may ask other questions, such as; “What type of vehicle (manual or automatic transmission) are you used to driving?  What side of the road did you drive on where you come from?  What type of geography and weather are your used to driving in?  How quickly do you learn things?”  …so on and so forth!  So, you see, many factors can come into play as to how many lessons would prepare YOU!

Our driving school, like most others, offer driving packages that total 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.  A lot of students, who have the ability to learn and practice driving through family and friends, may choose to take a 6-hour package to drive with a licensed Private Driving Training School.  Now hopefully they still learn at least a few safety tips, but often their main reason for driving 6 hours with a driving school, are to satisfy the minimum requirement of behind-the-wheel training to be eligible for insurance discounts. 

6 hours of driving is the bare minimum of time that will enable a driving school to expose the student briefly to the various driving conditions that they’ll encounter while driving.  This will not be nearly enough time (no matter how quick of a learner you are) to teach a completely inexperienced driver to learn how to drive safely.  Even driving many hours beforehand may not be adequate depending on where they were driven, traffic/highway infrastructure sophistication, cultural norms, etc. etc.  Usually being prepared to not only be ready to take the exam, but to operate the automobile safely in real-life conditions (which is the most important goal), requires dozens of hours of practice in and around the area where the student resides.  In fact, Pennsylvania recommends (requires if you’re under 18 years old) to have at least 65 hours of behind-the-wheel practice before attempting to take your exam. 

Of course, you can take as many lessons as you’d like (or need) with us, either in package form, or single lessons, to prepare yourself for the driving exam, and most likely, a far less risky and much more comfortable driving future on the road.

Lesson plans are compliant with the PA Department of Education "Content and Performance Expectations For Driver Education".

Lesson plans will include (but not limited to) the following:

- understanding all vehicle controls
- backing up
- smooth starts, stops & turns
- operating vehicle in confined area
- adjusting speed based on "conditions"
- safe following & stopping distances
- proper/improper steering techniques
- stop sign intersection protocol
- traffic light intersection protocol
- yielding
- lane changing
- merging
- highway driving
- city driving
- parallel & "nose" first parking
- driving in adverse weather
- what to do in an emergency /accident
- yielding to emergency (first responder) vehicles
- aggressive drivers
- driving impaired
- your responsibilities concerning;
  • - construction zones
  • - school buses
  • - rail road crossings
  • - mail vehicles
  • - pedestrians
  • - deer
  • - etc.


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